Our team

Our vision is to be the leaders in the markets we choose to serve. We aim to be number one in reputation and number one or two in size, recognized as leaders in terms of the services we provide, the industries we serve and the countries we cover.

This means driving ourselves to be the best in everything we do. Our strategy is to be a globally consistent organization with excellent people who have deep industry knowledge, providing multi-disciplinary capabilities. This approach meets our clients’ expectations, creates opportunities for our people and enables us to fulfil our responsibilities to the capital markets.

Underpinning the RCG brand, globally, are our outstanding professionals working together to deliver value. As a values-based organisation, our values are central to everything that we do. The benefit of this to your organization is self-evident:
Outstanding relationships with management, built on a premise of trust, integrity and commitment, and remaining fully independent;

  • Our local knowledge, skill and experience – and capacity – supported as necessary by other professionals in Tanzania.

  • Unrivalled technical knowledge, confidently expressed and fully supported; and

  • A proven cultural fit across all levels and with your organization.
    Our proposed team leadership
With the pool of resources at our disposal, we find ourselves in the excellent position to resource our assistance to your organization with quality staff, which will be able to understand your business.
The basis of our relationship with your organization will be built on teamwork with your management and staff, while at all times remaining fully independent. In terms of our relationship with you, which we would see as long-term and mutually beneficial, this means that we will:
  • Have a central point of contact for all key representatives of your organization;

  • Guarantee the regular and proactive involvement by our Senior Team members;

  • Develop a thorough understanding of your business and requirements, while maintaining the necessary degree of professional independence in all the work that we do;

  • Approach your organization from a holistic perspective, thus ensuring that individual initiatives are congruent with your wider vision and that all audit findings are properly understood and evaluated within the context of the complete business;

  • Pro-actively identify risks and opportunities, and be solutions driven. For this, we will demonstrate a problem-solving mindset focused on relevant, practical solutions;

  • Based on our understanding of your business and requirements, act as a critical sounding board to the Board and Senior Management, as required; and

  • Integral to our relationship with your organization will be our commitment to build a business advisory partnership with you. In this context, we would not only like to help you best manage your current efforts, but also proactively prepare for future issues and concerns.