IT Service and Infrastructure Management

Users demand that IT organizations deliver the performance, responsiveness and availability to support the role they play within the business processes of their organization.

RCG Ltd helps organizations to develop and improve service delivery while reducing costs through a combination of management tools, best practices and improved communication between the business and IT. By focusing on people, processes, technology and the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) we use our extensive experience and expertise to develop, implement and integrate a complete Service Management solution that uniquely meets your needs.

ITIL and ITSM Consulting Services
IT services must be delivered to business users to agreed service levels and costs, and in order to help you achieve that, we offer you Consulting Services and Technology Solutions to enable the adoption of ITIL and implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM) in your organization. Our consulting services cover:

Introduction to ITIL and ITSM
This is a seminar with line-of-business, quality and IT executives to introduce and provide an overview of the concept, processes, challenges and benefits that ITIL adoption and ITSM implementation can bring to your organization

“Where are we?” Assessment of your IT organization
Our consultants make an initial assessment of the current state and operations of your IT department in order to answer the “Where are we now?” and better understand the “Where we want to be?” question.
ITIL and ITSM adoption workshop

Based on the results of the assessment, our consultants work—together with your IT organization—on the identification of key services and a services catalog for adoption in 2 areas: Service Delivery and Service Support. This stage also covers the development of an implementation plan to align people, processes and technology and effectively link them to business objectives.
At this stage, we establish the introduction of fully documented processes to deliver high-quality services and the implementation of technology tools that will support the execution of those processes.
Reassessment and continuous improvement
The demands and challenges of IT organizations change evolve and grow just as business environments do. In order to keep up with that challenge, we establish periodical reassessments to continuously identify areas of improvement and enable IT to adjust to new business requirements in a timely manner.