It Assessment

Modern organizations rely on technology to an unprecedented degree. Having the right systems, infrastructure, staffing, and organizational practices in place is essential for efficiency and growth.

A technology assessment from us can help you evaluate your current technology environment, focus on technology priorities, and plan for future technology needs.
Our services include:

  • IT operational review

  • IT departmental and organizational analysis

  • Application and data management

  • General security and operating practices

  • Documentation and reporting

  • Change management procedures

  • Staff capacity and capability assessment

  • Internal controls review

  • Quality assuranc
  • e


The following describes our innovated process of performing the assignment. The process will be initiated after mutual agreement between RCG and You

The assessment will consist of five key phases:

Phase1: Initiating the Project.
Phase2: Assessing current IT/ICT situation,
Phase3: Identifying Gaps and Opportunities
Phase4: Recommending performance improvements
Phase5: Developing action plan for improvement

Our approach is based on COBIT Framework. COBIT helps meet the multiple needs of management by bridging the gaps between business risks, control needs and technical issues.